Our Fund

Novartis Venture Fund

Novartis Venture Funds manage over USD 1 bn in committed capital and more than 45 portfolio companies. We continue our strategy of making larger focused investments and anticipate total investments up to USD 30 mio per company over its life.

Novartis Venture Fund invests in companies with the potential to change a core therapeutic field or explore new business areas that will be critical to the patient.

The Novartis Venture Fund is a financially-driven venture fund which makes equity investments in life sciences companies across biotech, medical devices and diagnostics. The Venture Fund is stage-agnostic and engages in seed investments as well as later-stage investments. The Novartis Venture Fund typically leads or co-leads a deal and plays an active role on company boards. We seek companies in the US and Europe that are truly innovative, have the potential to offer significant patient benefit, have excellent management and are capital-efficient.

Novartis Venture Funds