Fund Management

Dr. Markus Goebel

is a Managing Director in Basel, Switzerland.

Previously he worked as head Pharma Corporate M&A and head Nervous System BD&L Pharma. An MD by training and certified, amongst others, in hematology/oncology he worked for Farmitalia Germany and later held several positions in R&D, Marketing and Strategy at Roche headquarters before joining Novartis. Markus Goebel received an MD and a PhD from the Ludwig Maximilian’s University in Munich and an MBA from Henley. Markus serves on the boards of eFFECTOR Therapeutics, Ra Pharmaceuticals, Sorbent Therapeutics, and Trellis RSV Holdings.

Exits: Acorda, Xenoport, Sitris, FoldRx, EraGen, Intellikine, LigoCyte.

Portfolio Companies

eFFECTOR Therapeutics, Inc. (Board Seat)

Sorbent Therapeutics Inc. (Board Seat)

Trellis RSV Holdings Inc. (Board Seat)

Ra Pharmaceuticals Inc.